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Expert service is now on demand.

These Cavalry services are pre-priced to make it easier for your team to move quickly.

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How does it work?

Á la carte services are billed at rates listed in the order form and must be paid in advance. Our team will get started on your project as soon as payment is received. You can submit your payment securely via credit card through this form. This method guarantees the fastest turnaround time for your requested service. Transactions are processed with Stripe’s secure payment platform, so you can be sure that your data is safe.

If you prefer to pay via ACH, please make note of this in the order form and we will follow up with a link for payment.

If pre-pay isn’t your thing, check out our standard services and read below under “How Is This Different From Your Other Services?” To get started, give us a call or send a note.

Start your order using the order form above. Just click on the service(s) that you want, enter your information, and hit submit. You can pay right away with a credit card, or submit without it if you prefer to pay after speaking with us. Either way, we will be in touch within a few working hours of your order.

Please submit any links, notes and additional information for our team to review. With sufficient details, we may be able to get started immediately, even if you submit your request after hours, since we tend to work around the clock.

Questions before you submit? Please email or call (312) 471-3553, ext. 0.

Everything that you submit to Cavalry Consulting is kept completely confidential. All proposal materials, company information, trade secrets, or any related documentation will be used only to perform the requested services.

Want to get this in writing? We will be happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you are an existing Cavalry Consulting client, your Master Service Agreement includes this NDA already.

Á la carte services are not new services, just a new way to get them.

Most of our clients work with us on a regular basis. We talk about what they need, perform the work, then send an invoice for the actual hours performed after. We don’t charge bonus fees for winning proposals; we just work hard and bill fairly.

We believe in simplicity, and we believe in helping good contractors get work for the government. But as we grew (and as the size of our clients grew), we realized that legal documents and negotiating terms for service agreements were really slowing down work that couldn’t afford a delay.

Legal documents? Terms? Our traditional services start with both parties agreeing to and signing a Master Service Agreement. The terms of this agreement include a bilateral non-disclosure agreement, hourly rates, quality service commitment, and payment policy. Granted, this document is no FAR or DFARS, but even waiting two days for approvals and signatures can be too long when a proposal writer is anxiously waiting for our help. So we found a solution.

Á la carte services are for clients that need to move fast. Maybe you don’t have time to negotiate with Legal, or you just want to know what to budget for each activity before starting the proposal. Perhaps, you have a great in-house proposal team, but you are looking for ways to improve, or to assist them during heavy workload times. Now we have both options available, because you asked for it.