Experience Growth without Boundaries

No matter the budget, Business Development is an absolutely essential function of any company. Successful BD occurs when the sales pipelines remain full, quotas are met, and target sales figures are reached. The thing about Business Development is that it never really starts and stops. You may start and stop a project, but the BD process is constantly growing and evolving. As you gain success in one area, you may realize that it’s time to seek growth in new regions to continue to reach your targets and quotas.

Each business is unique, but in the federal contracting industry it is critical to focus on several target areas so you cover the proper depth and breadth of business development activities. With Cavalry’s Business Development services, your firm will gain insights from a perspective that is completely outside of your organization. You will gain new contacts, knowledge, partnership opportunities, and gain access to ideas and opportunities you may not have seen otherwise. You will also free up your team to focus on their key tasks and optimize business operations.

Cavalry Consulting provides an inclusive offering of Business Development services to help your firm grow, including:

  • BD Strategy Planning
  • Capture Strategy
  • Capture Management
  • Forecasting
  • Capabilities Briefings
  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Agency Meeting Coordination
  • Contact/Network Introductions
  • Teaming Strategy and Development