• Capabilities Statement Template – Use this template to build a capabilities statement that contains all the information that the government is looking for. You can also use it to ensure your current version includes the right details.

Small Business Resources

  • Guide to Marketing to DoD – This is a plain language guide from the DoD Office of Small Business Programs (OSBP) that summarizes the steps to becoming a successful federal contractor with helpful links and resources. This is a great resource for new contractors.
  • Doing Business with the Department of Defense – This two-page document provides a step-by-step approach to doing business with the DoD. It is a great resource for new contractors.
  • SBA Contracting Guide – This is a basic introduction to government contracting for small businesses. The resources on this page answer use plain English to answer questions that are frequently asked by contractors.
  • DoD Small Business Strategy 2023 – This outlines the goals of the federal government related to small business contracting.
  • DoD Small Business Offices – This is a useful site for capture and forecasting, providing links to the individual small business office websites within Army, Air Force, Navy, and many others.

How the Government Buys Services

  • Services Acquisition Guidebook – This is the guidebook written for DoD acquisition teams. It details a disciplined seven-step process how services like construction, architect-engineering, and base operations support are acquired. Contractors can use this understand what is going on behind the scenes to communicate more effectively and proactively.
  • Acquisition of Services Pathway – This is an interactive version of the material in the Services Acquisition Guidebook, with additional references.
  • DoD Market Research Report Guide – Services Acquisition – This guide is written for DoD acquisition teams. It provides best practices for conducting and documenting market research to establish standard processes and reports, allowing for enhanced collection and sharing of market research across the DoD. The market research report shows contractors how the government makes set-aside decisions, giving clues to why responding to sources soughts, maintaining and updated profile in Dynamic Small Business Search (DSBS), attending industry days, and conducting capabilities briefings is so important. The market research report template is included in this link.

Independent Government Cost Estimates

Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCEs) are often developed during the procurement process and drive many decisions in the federal acquisition strategy.

How Proposals Are Evaluated

  • Source Selection Procedures (Department of Defense) – This document provides the Department of Defense (DoD) procedures for conducting competitively negotiated source selections and outlines a common set of principles and procedures for conducting such acquisitions in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations. By reading this document, contractors will better understand how to write successful proposals.
  • Decision Document with Best Suited – This shows an example report of how offerors are evaluated. This is what a summary report of the full evaluation could look like, including data from all offerors. It allows contractors to see the Government point of view, which helps prepare better proposals and presentations.
  • Selection Decision Document of Task Order RFP – This document shows the decision-making process that the SSEB Chair must go through to select the awardee. It answers some of the most commonly asked questions that contractors have during discussions, showing what may be happening behind the curtain.
  • Competitive Source Selection Policy – This page provides additional links related to Source Selection, Best Practices from Peer Reviews for Competitive Acquisitions, and more.

Forms, Downloads & Other Resources

  • DoD Forms – If your proposal or contract requires “DD Form X,” find it here.
  • GSA Forms – Looking for an SF24, SF330, or other Standard Form? Find all current templates here.
  • Audio TranscriptionOtter.ai is our favorite tool for proposal writing. We recommend using it to record and transcribe interviews with Subject Matter Experts for technical narratives.