Market Your Business More Effectively With Cavalry

Cavalry Consulting provides turnkey marketing services stemming from over a dozen years of experience in federal contracting and marketing. Get help writing your content from someone who has been across the table from the government officials who are actually reading your marketing materials. We know first-hand what they want to see, and how it should be presented.

Cavalry fuses federal contracting industry expertise with extensive knowledge in marketing and design – all of which allows companies to deliver the best possible message to the government. Whether it is the message itself, or how it is packaged, Cavalry provides everything contractors need to really connect with the federal government. This includes:

  • Branding/Rebranding
  • Development of Collateral Materials
  • Production of Capabilities Statements and SOQs
  • Website Content Writing
  • Website Design
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Review and Analysis

We understand the increased need to keep overhead low, so Cavalry has created a turnkey marketing solution for firms with little or no in-house marketing staff. Our menu of services provide specialized and federal-focused marketing solutions. Choose only the specific services that you need, and enjoy the freedom and convenience of getting those expert services from one known and trusted source.

One Invoice

Have you ever tried to hire a photographer, graphic designer, videographer, or web designer who know your company and who understand your message? Does it make you feel like you are opening up the phone book (or Google) and crossing your fingers? With Cavalry, we deliver every specialized service in one place. If you need a brochure, we will write it, design it, take your photos, get it printed, and deliver it to your office. You won’t be distracted from running your business; we only ask you to be involved as we develop the messaging and concepts to make sure your goals are met.

Reduced Costs over Time

After our initial work, you may need additional marketing materials down the line. As we learn more about your company, your costs will naturally drop over time due to the reduced time it takes to perform the work.

What are the benefits of hiring a third-party marketing firm?

  1. In many cases, marketing personnel in federal contracting firms are people with multiple roles, who may be too busy to add another task to their plate, or too busy to perform the task to the highest standards. A third-party firm such as Cavalry specializes in these types of tasks and introduces an outside perspective of how to present the material so it stands apart, is readable, has all of the information in the right places, and is easy to update.
  2. Using a third-party firm is a significant overhead savings versus hiring in-house staff. By hiring for projects, you only pay for the time spent on each task, eliminating the cost of supporting employees year-round. If you consider the cost of an in-house Marketing Manager/Digital Marketer/Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Photographer/Videographer, and Web Designer, Cavalry’s cost is a fraction of what would be spent on those positions.
  3. Through your marketing materials, you will give the impression of a large firm with a large budget – without actually spending the big bucks to get it.
  4. Whenever you go outside of your company for help in any area, you gain knowledge from experts in their field. It is the same with Marketing. Cavalry provides the direction and insight on how to best market your firm to stand above the rest.
  5. A third party provides ideas and asks questions that you may have otherwise missed. It could change everything.

Why choose Cavalry over other marketing agencies?

Our experience in the federal contracting industry as marketers and business developers makes Cavalry a truly unique and highly specialized consulting firm in our field. We know and understand the agencies that you sell to. We understand the details of the FAR, and we personally know many of the Contracting Officers, Contracting Chiefs, Small Business Officers, Commanders, key decision makers, potential teaming partners, and source selection personnel that are the key audience for your marketing materials.

What are the benefits of a turnkey approach?

A turnkey approach to marketing allows businesses to own the entire marketing process without paying for the added cost of an in-house marketing team. Typical outsourcing would have photography from one vendor, graphic design from another, web design from a third, etc. All of these products still need to be coordinated by someone in-house into a finished product.

Through Cavalry’s turnkey approach, we provide the resources to create a full spectrum of marketing materials through one source. All you need to do is communicate your goals with us, and we will deliver your materials from start to finish; and we do this on an “as-needed” basis to keep your overhead costs down. Our primary goal is for you to feel that we are an extension of your business, truly understanding what it is that you sell and who you sell it to.