Quality-driven consulting partner for Proposals & Marketing

Where we came from

Cavalry Consulting was founded on the belief that exceptional companies deserve to win new contracts and earn repeat business from their customers. Over the years, we have seen many firms focus on performance in the field, aiming to delight their customer in every project they perform. They would focus resources heavily in operations, rather than sales and marketing. Eventually, their customers started asking for “marketing,” or it became required for them to grow. These high performers needed someone to tell their story. They needed a partner with the same values that they could trust. This is where Cavalry Consulting stepped in.

What we believe

We believe that winning contracts starts with good business ethics and integrity. We believe that the government gets the best value – and makes the best use of taxpayer dollars – by hiring good contractors. Since contracts are won by submitting a proposal, it is our duty to tell the story of exceptional companies to effectively convey the value proposition and solutions offered in a way that meets and exceeds the evaluation criteria for each submission.

Who we are

We are a team of perfectionists, detail-junkies, rule-followers (and rule-questioners), knowledge seekers, and win-obsessed competitors. We are writers, engineers, marketers, former government employees, military spouses, graphic designers, problem-solvers, critical-thinkers, and partners.

What you get

With Cavalry Consulting, expect to:

  • Enhance your ability to bid on more work.
  • Add overflow capacity in heavy bidding times.
  • Increase your proposal win rate.
  • Gain valuable knowledge about proposal Best Practices.
  • Grow your network of reliable teaming partners for strategic pursuits.
  • Discover a true partner that is invested in your future; who will learn all about your firm’s past, present, and future to deliver the best proposals and marketing materials with the right context, detail, and language.

What you don’t get

  • You won’t get any conflicts of interest. We never bid on the same RFP for two different clients.
  • You won’t get a pushy consultant who makes you feel like you need them forever to be successful. We aren’t afraid to teach what we know as we work with our clients, and often we train employees throughout the process. We maintain a long list of repeat clients due to high customer satisfaction, not because we chain them to us.
  • You won’t get money grabbers. If you come to us with a proposal that you want to bid, if we find through our analysis that you are actually not qualified to win, then we will try to talk you out of hiring us. Why would we want to take your money and prepare a proposal that has no chance of winning?

Cavalry Consulting, Inc. was founded in 2016 by Michele Atkinson, an experienced Proposal Manager, Marketing Manager, and Business Development professional who found her niche in government contracting. She has consistently helped businesses win billions of dollars in contracts over the last decade, focusing primarily on small disadvantaged businesses in the various SBA set-aside programs.

At times in her career, Michele has been a one-woman business development department, performing the jobs of four or more people at once. Knowing that this isn’t unique, Michele understands the pressures faced by these small firms, as there is a limited budget and limited resources – yet the pipeline must always be kept full with quality pursuits.

In her nagging quest for continuous improvement and innovation, Michele began researching and learned that this theme is in fact very common among small- and medium-sized businesses that pursue work with the government. She also realized that it is hard to find people who are “bilingual” in both marketing and government contracting. Often it’s the Presidents, General Managers, and CEOs who are writing their own marketing materials. In many small companies, there is no marketing or proposal staff, or Operations staff are tasked with providing these functions, which are outside their area of expertise. The result is that materials often lack direction, are not organized clearly, are not visually pleasing, or look like they were thrown together too quickly.

Cavalry Consulting was created to solve this problem.

As Michele delighted her early clients and demand for Cavalry’s services grew, she thoughtfully gathered a team of outstanding professionals to complement her skills and expand her resources. The Cavalry Consulting team is known as a group of “unicorns” because their unique expertise, background, qualifications, education, and love for proposals make them highly desirable but incredibly difficult to find!

Cavalry Consulting was created to enhance your business.

We bring industry expertise in government contracting and marketing together in one place. Our business model allows firms to enhance their materials and pursue proposals on a per-project basis, thus eliminating an ongoing overhead cost to the company. Whether it’s a brochure, a proposal, a website, or an email marketing campaign, Cavalry Consulting has got you covered, from start to finish.

Our commitment goes beyond serving our clients, but to serve our country and do our part in providing the best contractors and services to our Nation’s military and government. It is our honor to uphold this commitment in each project that we perform.