Unemployment rate for military spouses is nearly twice the national average unemployment rate.


Underemployment rate for military spouses.


More moves for military families, compared to civilian families.


Military spouses have a college degree or some college, compared with 56% of civilians.

Our Vision: To empower military spouses and veterans through education and employment.

Our Mission: To create a community that connects military spouses and veterans with opportunities to find their ideal balance between military service, quality family time, and personal fulfillment.


Tools, information, and resources necessary to build confidence and thrive in a remote career.

Whether you call it a wing or a platoon, everyone needs a squad – they’re the people who share your mission and have your back. Echo Three Foundation is a global community that connects military spouses and veterans with the right resources to create their own personal success in their own time. Meaningful employment provides military professionals (MilPros) with a greater sense of purpose and improves quality of life for the individual, their service member, and their family.


Free training to become immediately qualified for high-demand careers at their own pace from home.

Perfect for millennial and seasoned military spouses alike, our unique web-based course library combines self-paced, computer-based training with live, interactive, and recorded webinars. Echo Three Foundation offers training for real-world skills that can’t be found in a traditional classroom. MilPros can learn skills for high-demand careers like proposal writing, government procurement, and marketing, and even formal certifications from today’s tech leaders – for free!


Place individuals with real, meaningful careers in an ever-growing field of professions working remotely.

Military spouses are educated and want to work, but face unique barriers to employment. From frequent moves to raising a military family to surviving deployments, we understand the unique challenges military spouses and veterans face because we’ve experienced it too. This is why we’re so passionate about creating solutions that make an impact! With the freedom to work remotely, MilPros can continuously advance in their careers without constantly changing jobs each time they need to relocate.




Lori Revely

Founder, Executive Director

Military Family
As a former military spouse and single mother of two, I understand the challenges that spouses and families endure.

Bri Lee

Board Secretary

US Navy Spouse
We have been a military family for 14 years. I have survived 8 different PSC’s, have 4 children all born in different states or countries, and know in a very real way how difficult it is to build a life someplace just to say good bye to it all and start over again after a short time.