Small Businesses are very near and dear to my heart. They are where I “grew up” in this industry, so to speak. And one of the great lessons that I learned is that it is a definite challenge to find your niche in this contracting world, but it’s worth it, for small businesses are afforded great advantages once you discover out how to make your mark. 

Something that always stuck out to me quite strongly is the amount of small businesses who had their 8(a)’s, their WOSB certifications, their SVOSB certifications, but were still having trouble getting contracts. In my role as the Senior Business Development Manager at a successful 8(a) firm, I was afforded the opportunity to speak with many folks from other SDV firms who just wanted to chat and ask about what we did to get off the ground. This was not uncommon – it happened so frequently, in fact, that it launched the idea for Seamless Success for Small Business. 

In my role, I thought was we were doing was a conventional. I was a marketer, and this is what we do. We market. The more conferences and trade shows I attended, and the more firms I met, the more I realized that there are smaller companies with fewer resources that are working tirelessly to do even more with less. 

I know first-hand that it is often the Presidents, General Managers, or CEOs of these companies that are creating their line cards at 10pm after they have finished managing the operations for the day. They don’t have someone like me on staff to put it together for them, because when you are small – you don’t have the budget for those resources. 

You do – however – need a good line card. As someone who has stood at a GC’s booth at plenty of trade shows, if you hand me your homemade Word line card, it says something about your business. It tells me you are small, and it tells me you did it yourself at 10pm. I am impressed at your drive, but the look of that line card says a lot as well. How do I know what resources you have in the field? What about bonding? Was your company started two days ago or two years ago? Do I trust that you will be around in two weeks?

When someone gets handed 40 line cards during an eight-hour day at a booth, you want to be sure that yours comes home with them. Make your effort worth it. 

If it seems overwhelming to find people to help to do your marketing, it’s not anymore – because you are here with experts that are all in one place. And if you thought you couldn’t afford it — we get you, Small Businesses. And we will work within your budget needs to ensure that you are looking big and spending small.