The Fiscal Year-End is upon us. And it is FABULOUS.

As Federal Contractors – this is our “holiday season” – federal funding is officially in the black, so to speak, and the solicitations are hitting the street faster than we can add them to your capture plan. Some of us weird proposal people get a real kick out of this season, while others with operational tasks on their plate may find it a bit…. well, overwhelming.

Do FYE right and you will set up your next year strategically and intelligently. You can then focus on developing new business and relationships at the conferences this fall, and on performing excellently throughout the year to nail those Past Performance ratings, which pave the way for your future proposal wins.

You are probably thinking – There are not enough hours in the day, people on my staff, or resources in our office to bid – let alone manage – as many proposals as we would like to go after. You might be right. But also wrong.

Bidding on every contract that you are capable of performing is definitely possible. I like to think of us Cavalry folks as the FYE holiday elves. We love this season and actually enjoy hustling to handle the overflow work that you simply can’t cover in-house. And since we do this full-time like those other elves do, we are really darn good at our jobs, too.

Cavalry performs a wide range of services from complete capture management and proposal management to the smallest last-minute project like creating a resume, project sheet, or graphic; or providing third-party technical editing. We are skilled in proposal management of multiple proposals – up to 25 simultaneous proposals for a single company – which is helpful for those fortunate firms that are on the receiving end of task orders on multiple IDIQ contracts.

Give a shout out if you need a little help from Cavalry’s proposal elves. We’d be happy to chip in!