What better way to get to grow your federal contracting business than to have an article published in a leading industry magazine about your accomplishments? Let me tell you something – the writers will not come calling you, you need to take action and put the story in front of your potential clients. A/E/C firms:  your opportunity is here, at the perfect time.

This is an important issue for a few reasons – it is distributed at the SAME Small Business Conference (which will be bigger than ever this year now that the VA is attending), and it is the Design & Construction issue.

As a published writer (including The Military Engineer) here are some things to consider to help you decide if this approach is for you:

  1. Is my project interesting? What is the human/mission element behind it? Why would anyone care to read about this?
  2. Have I done an outstanding job on this project? Your government POC’s will be the voice of the article (it can’t sound like an ad).
  3. Do I have clearance to write and publish information on the project?

Don’t have time to conduct interviews and write the article on your own? Give us a call to discuss how Cavalry can prepare your article submission.

Issue: November-December

Main Theme: Design & Construction

TME will feature a range of projects from across the public sector that exemplify how designers, engineers and constructors, working collaboratively and with others involved in the project delivery process, are building facilities and infrastructure that enable the government and military services to meet their mission needs. Projects may include a lock and dam repair, a federal courthouse renovation, a new barracks or missile defense facility, a renewable energy project, or others.

Special Report: Joint Engineer Operations

This Special Report will look at how military leadership, uniformed engineers and contractors are continuing to shape doctrine and implement lessons learned on the battlefield and through humanitarian missions and joint operations to advance U.S. strategic interests, enhance allied relationships, and provide support to developing countries and in response to national emergencies.

**We write for plenty of other trade magazines too! Please let us know where else you are looking to be published.**